Service (“Service”) – The Route 66 Ultimate Guide app, features, content, website, and all related services.

McCoyCORE USA LLC (“McCoy”)the company that owns and operates the Service.

User (“User”) – The individual person using the Service.

User Data (“UD”) – Data and information about the User’s usage and activity of the Service.

Personal User Data (“PUD”) – Personal information about the User, including name, address, contact information, and other personal data provided by the User.

Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) – Policy regarding the privacy of the User’s Personal User Data.

Cookies Policy (“Cookies Policy”) – Policy regarding how Cookies are used by Service.

Terms of Service (“Terms or Service” and “ToS”) – Terms regarding the use of Service.


PRIVACY POLICY The privacy of our users is very important to us. As a User of the Route 66 Ultimate Guide app and accompanying services (“Service”), it’s important for you to understand how we collect, store, process, share, and use your Personal User Data. Our Privacy Policy describes the steps and processes we take to best safeguard all user’s Personal User Data. We recommend you to read it carefully prior to using our app and/or services, and check frequently for updates and changes. What is stated in this Privacy Policy?

  • Difference between Personal User Data (“PUD”) and User Data (“UD”);
  • Types of Personal User Data collected;
  • The purposes for which Personal User Data is processed;
  • Where the Personal User Data is processed;
  • The security measures in place to protect Personal User Data;
  • Limits of responsibility concerning third parties;
  • Viewing, changing, and deleting your Personal User Data;
  • Changes and updates to this Privacy Policy;
  • What to do if you have any questions or concerns.

Difference Between Personal User Data and User Data Personal User Data Personal User Data (“PUD”) is information specific about the individual User who is using the Service. All Personal User Data is provided to McCoy by User via the Service during registration or while using the Service. Personal User Data may include, but is not limited to:

  • User’s Name
  • User’s Address, including Country
  • User’s Location, including GPS coordinates
  • User’s contact information, including phone number, email, Skype, SMS, and other contact information
  • Other information about User that may be required or optional to use the Service

User Data User Data (“UD”) is information collected via the Service and use of the Service by the User. User Data is not considered private or personal to the specific user, in which may lead to user privacy or security concerns. In general, User Data is statistical data on the User’s use and activity using the Service. User Data may include, but is not limited to:

  • Data on User access and account access via the Service
  • Data on how the User uses the Service
  • Data on User’s location while using the Service, including GPS coordinates
  • Data on User’s requests via the Service

Types of Personal User Data Collected A. Anonymous Data by Using The Service

In order to monitor and improve the Service, we use Anonymous Data. Anonymous Data is data that is collected on the activity of Users but is not connected directly to specific Users. This information may be released publicly and shared with vendors. 

B. Automatically Generated Data

Like most websites, apps, and online services, we gather and process automatically generated information about how Users use the Service. The information gathered includes the User’s IP-address and/or an unique device ID and information.

If you specifically opt-in and agree to allow access, the Service may collect your geo-location information. You can choose to deny geo-location collection and use via the settings of your mobile device at any time. By denying geo-location permissions, some features of the Service will not work and will be unavailable.

If you specifically opt-in to permit access and collection of information from your social network account(s), then your basic personal information in your social network account will be collected (such as your name and email address) as well as your social network user ID and parameters related to the posts you shared through the Service. WE DO NOT COLLECT OR HAVE ACCESS YOUR PASSWORD. Please refer to the social network’s privacy policy for details on how you can set the privacy preferences of your social media account(s) to control the information that may be accessed and retrieved by the Service.

If you enable the user authorization features inside the Service, the following information will be collected and stored:

  • Your Name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Phone number;
  • Country;
  • Additional profile information returned by an external provider.

To provide the User with information about the usage of the Service, we may also collect the following information:

  • The date/time you open, close, and use the Service;
  • The features you’ve opened inside the Service and the amount of time you’ve spent using the features;
  • Actions such as audio playback, opening URLs (links), etc.
  • Information you submit via the Service, including but not limited to submission of forms;
  • The moment you leave or close the Service. Note: If the User authorization features are enabled, we are able to link the information to the User once the User is logged-in.

C. Specific User Data We may ask Users to engage in certain activities via the Service, such as loyalty-cards, newsletters, advertising, news, alerts, and other customized features, in which case you will be asked for additional personal information. This information will be stored in the databases of our Service (which may include third party providers) and it will be available to us. When you upload data via the Service, including photos, videos, audio, and other content, this data may be shared and viewed by other Users of the Service in certain features of the Service. The purposes for which User Data is processed? 1. Purposes McCoy and authorized third parties collect and process User Data for the following purposes:

  • to enable Users to use the Service;
  • to keep Users updated with relevant information and updates about the Service;
  • to improve and/or customize the Service;
  • to identity Users in order to customize the Service;
  • to identify Users in an effort to prevent fraud;
  • to provide support to User;
  • to pass User Data to authorized third parties;
  • to provide User Data if we are legally obliged to do so.

2. Transmission of User Data to Third Parties We do not sell, trade, or rent your User Data to non-authorized third parties without your prior consent. However, do provide your User Data to authorized third parties when this is essential for providing the Service, or for carrying out your requests, such as making payments by means of payment providers for paid services. We may provide “aggregated anonymous data” about the usage of the Service to authorized or non-authorized third parties for such purposes as marketing, sales, usage, and other purposes as we deem to be appropriate. “Aggregated anonymous data” is data that cannot be traced back to specific Users and which therefore is not deemed personal User Data. For example, we may use aggregated anonymous data to better understand how Users use the Service. In the event that our company is transferred, sold, or that we merge with a third party, or undergo a reorganization, your User Data may also be disclosed and/or transferred to the new entity as part of the entire Service. This new entity will have the right to continue to use User Data and other information that Users provided to us. We may disclose your User Data where we believe, in good faith, that it is necessary to comply with a court order, ongoing judicial proceeding, criminal or civil subpoena, or other legal process or request by law enforcement authorities within the United States of America, or to exercise our legal rights or defend ourselves against any legal claims. 3. Where is User Data Processed? The Service is provided and stored by using hosting services in the United States of America. However, all types of data may be transferred to, and stored on, servers located outside of North America for purposes of development, support, troubleshooting, and other means required to support and develop the Service. Such entities and third parties shall adhere to the Safe Harbor principles and it is affiliated to the Safe Harbor program of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This means that there should be an adequate level of protection for the processing of User Data. User agrees to this transfer and processing outside of North America. We will take all steps reasonably necessary and available to ensure that your Personal User Data (PUD) is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 4. What Security Measures are in place to Protect Personal User Data? The security of User Data is very important to us and is a top priority for us. We have implemented technical and organizational measures to protect your personal User Data against loss or any form of unlawful access. We implement the following measures: protection of our servers by firewalls; SSL connections; encryption of sensitive data. This list may not exhaustive. 5. Limits of Responsibility and Liability Concerning Third Parties Our Service may contain services and products offered by us or third parties, and/or hyperlinks to the websites or services of partners, advertisers, sponsors, points-of-interest (POIs), and other third parties. McCoy Corporation has no control or influence over the content, websites, offers, products, or services of third parties. Different privacy policies may apply to the use of third party websites and services. This Privacy Policy only relates to User Data that has been obtained by McCoy Corporation and related third parties through the User’s use of the Service. McCoy Corporation does not accept or acknowledge any responsibility or liability for the content, practices, or operation of third party websites and services. 6. Viewing and Deleting User Data Users may request to delete their Personal User Data (PUD) collected through the Service, by contacting us via email at For security purposes, you may be asked to provide additional information to verify your identity. Upon authorized request, your personal User Data will be removed from our live Service. However, your personal User Data may still exist in archives, backups, or off-line systems as used for support, development, or other purposes. Removal of your Personal User Data will further remove your ability to use the Service. 7. Privacy of Minors Personal information about minors under the age of 18-years-old is not knowingly or intentionally collected by McCoy or the Service. This Service is intended for use by Users at least 18-years of age. Use of this Service by minors is strictly prohibited. 8. Security Measures are implemented to secure User’s Personal User Data (PUD) information, to minimize the risks of damage, and/or loss of information, and unauthorized access or use of information. However, User understands and agrees that no measure(s) are able to provide complete 100% security. Therefore, although best efforts are made to secure User’s Personal User Data information, it is not guaranteed and Users cannot reasonably expect that the Service and its related databases and services will be immune from any wrongdoings, malfunctions, unauthorized interceptions, hacks, access, or other kinds of abuse and/or misuse. 9. Changes to this Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy may be updated at any time. McCoy will publish any updated version of the Privacy Policy here. McCoy encourages User to check this webpage from time to time to be aware of any changes to this Privacy Policy and to stay informed about how McCoy strives to protect your personal User Data. User acknowledges and agrees that it is User’s responsibility to review this Privacy Policy periodically and review any and all updates. User agrees to be bound by any of the changes made to this Privacy Policy. User’s continued use of the Service after a Privacy Policy update will indicate User’s acceptance of the newly released and implemented Privacy Policy. If User does not agree with an updated Privacy Policy, User must completely uninstall the Service, request account deactivation, request User Data removal, and cease any further use of Service. 10. Questions and Concerns All questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy should be made in writing and sent via e-mail to