When traveling, planning your road trip, or just staying current on what’s happening with Route 66 — you’ll want to have the Route 66 Ultimate Guide with you.

New Turn-by-Turn Navigation!

The Route 66 Ultimate Guide app includes customized turn-by-turn navigation!

Your Personal Travel Guide

Route 66 Travel Guide

The Route 66 Ultimate Guide app includes everything for a easy, memorable, and safe journey down The Mother Road. It includes over 1,500 Points-of-Interest (POIs), travel resources, a trip planner, event calendar, and customized Route 66 turn-by-turn navigation!

Thousands Travel with Our App

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With tens of thousands of people using the Route 66 Ultimate Guide, you have a family of travelers. Our proven and reliable app guides you along Route 66, provides information on attractions, points-of-interest, and more. Plus, live reports from fellow travelers keeps you informed of changes along the Route.

You’ll have the perfect travel companion at your side!

Packed with Features

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    Points-of-Interest (POIs)

    With over 1,500 Points-of-Interest (POIs) along Route 66, this is your ultimate guide to attractions, historic places, diners, roadside motels, murals, and even lost segments of Historic Route 66.

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    Driving Assistance & Navigation

    Assistance in navigating Route 66 is a must. Due to the different alignments as Route 66 changed over the years, we guide you along the Route using easy-to-follow navigation.

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    Audio Tours

    Listen to Audio Tours for Points-of-Interest, historic places, and Communities. It’s like having a personal tour guide in the vehicle with you!

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    Route 66 Passport

    As you travel Route 66, you can virtually stamp your Passport! Passport stamps are available at Points-of-Interest, attractions, businesses, visitor centers, and Route 66 events!

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    Exclusive Membership Card

    The Route 66 Ultimate Guide app includes an exclusive membership that includes many benefits, including discounts, free or discounted admission to Points-of-Interest, and much more.

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    While Route 66 is packed with Points-of-Interest, there are many Side-Trips worth exploring. These include ghost towns, historic places, National Parks, and some of America’s greatest cities.

Route 66 Ultimate Guide

Why We Are The Ultimate Guide
  • App Name
  • Company Based-In...
  • Points-of-Interest (POIs)
    Attractions, Sites, Businesses, etc.
  • Sub-Points-of-Interest
    POIs located within a Point-of-Interest.
  • Live Travel Alerts
    Travel Alerts sent directly to you.
  • User Account
    Free User Account to save your trip and preferences.
  • Passport
    Collect Virtual Passport Stamps
  • Collector Stamps
    Collect sticker/stamps available at Points-of-Interest.
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
    Navigation to keep you on Route 66.
  • Voice Navigation
    Voice assistance for turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Advanced Navigation
    Construction avoidance; side-trips; alternative routes; and more.
  • Travel Routes
    Number of Route 66 "routes" available.
  • Travel Mode
    Live Travel Mode for customized travel along Route 66.
  • Customized Route 66 Navigation
    Navigation customized specifically for Route 66.
  • Off-Map Navigation
    Navigation for Routes not located in modern/online navigation.
  • Offline Maps & Navigation
    Navigation maps downloaded for off-line use while traveling.
  • Virtually Sign POI Guestbooks
    Virtually sign Guestbooks and leave a note!
  • POI Search
    Advanced search Points-of-Interest and businesses.
  • My Location
    Single-Tap to see what is near you.
  • Route 66 Selfie!
    Take customized Selfies at Points-of-Interest!
  • Trip Planner
    Create your own Route 66 trip.
  • VIP Membership
    Special VIP Membership for discounts and special offers.
  • Events Calendar
    Route 66 events calendar.
  • Field Guide
    Route 66 companion guide.
  • Trip Statistics
    Details and statistics on your Route 66 Trip.
  • POI Favorites
    Mark your favorite POIs.
  • POI Site Maps
    Explore POIs with site maps and floor-plans.
  • Audio Tours
    Listen to Audio Tours at Points-of-Interest.
  • Interactive Map
    Interactive map of Points-of-Interest.
  • Customized Routes: Motorcycles
    Routes for motorcycles.
  • Customized Routes: RVs
    Routes for RVs.
  • Contact POIs
    Reach out to POIs directly from the app.
  • Route 66 News
    Latest news and updates on Route 66.
  • Travel Reporting
    Submit travel reports: accidents, closures, detours, etc.
  • POI Ratings
    Rate Points-of-Interest.
  • POI Messaging
    Message Directly with POIs
  • App Support
    Support is provided for the app.
  • Support Methods Provided
  • Member Concierge
    Traveler Assistance Service
  • Android Version
    Google App Store
    Samsung App Store
  • Apple iOS Version
  • Navigation Cost
    Cost to enable turn-by-turn navigation.
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    Ultimate Guide

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